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There are no upfront costs in dealing with us and NXT fully manage the process from garment design to dispatch of your club orders.

Any core range garments are dispatched within 5-7 days of receiving an order and made to order bespoke clothing is delivered within 5 weeks of order windows closing.

All of our clubs receive a FREE ONLINE SHOP that is set up as part of your account. This cuts down administration time of your club as individual players and club members order their own kit directly with us.

High Quality | High Performance Teamwear

We understand the importance of high quality teamwear. A brand new strong partnership with Masuri, a globally renowned sports clothing and equipment manufacturer, mean your players and members will be wearing a brand at the forefront of the performance sportswear market.

Hassle Free Supply | Simple Order Process

For many, one of the main advantages of the online shop model is the fact there is no commitment to stock. Coupled with the removal of all kit administration and volunteer hours, the NXT-Sports solution for teamwear allows you to focus on other areas of your club.

Excellent Service | Fast Delivery

Together with our partners, Masuri, there is a history of delivering excellent levels of service. Whether is it guiding you through the shop set up process, getting a last minute bulk order stored or constantly delivering your members orders within 5 days, we pride ourselves in making sure we leave you happy with our service.

If you would like a member of our sales or customer services team to contact you, please fill in the form below.



Top Quality Core Clothing

Our partnership with Masuri allows us to have a huge impact on the teamwear range which is provided. As keen sportspeople, we have a deep knowledge of what is required from teamwear. Masuri’s product development team is one of the best in the country and they work tirelessly to develop new garments to add to the range, in a controlled and organic way.

No Commitment to Stock

For any sports organisation, holding a stock of garments comes with a number of problems. Where to store it, who will manage it, do we need to insure it? NXT Sports takes away all of these issues. We manage everything and work with you to promote your range of garments to all club members.

Great Service

NXT Sports aren't just a teamwear supplier, we are an e-commerce company. This means we need to be at the same level of service as the likes of Amazon and Asos. We will ensure our customer service is exceptional and that our delivery times are as fast as they possibly can be.  All this will mean you should feel confident in working with us to deliver an excellent solution for your club's teamwear needs.

Fully Customisable Teamwear

The need to stand out from the crowd is becoming more and more important for many organisations. Whilst our stocked UK range offers a great option for most, our partner Masuri have the most amazing range of custom clothing available, and all delivered within just 4 weeks. Their track record of on time delivery is second to none.

Award Winning platform

In line with the quality of the clothing and service levels at Masuri, our online shop and back end production system are award winning. This makes the process for members buying clothing online simpler than ever. With in-house web development we are able to continually improve the platform and add features. We are very proud of our platform and get excited every time we roll out even the smallest change, as we know it could make the biggest difference to you.


 Fast turnaround on all orders no matter how small is a key part of our service. We have teamed up with leading courier companies to ensure when we do the hard work of getting your garments produced quickly, they get the pleasure of delivering the order to you. 24 hour delivery service with automated e-mail and SMS alerts are standard nowadays, but we have ensured you also get the ability to change delivery date, choose to deliver to a drop shop, leave in a special location and even track your parcel as it makes it way to you.


Ordering your club kit couldn't be easier with NXT Sports. We can take you from initial enquiry to looking like a professional club in 5 easy steps.

Step One - Select your garments

The first step and often the most exciting, is to choose your personalised range. Together with Masuri we have created a full range of high quality on and off field garments which will meet the needs of all your club members. View our catalogue here.

Step Two - Send us your badge or logo

We will need your logo, a high quality photo of any existing embroidery and images of any sponsor logos you may have. If you already have digitised versions of your club and sponsors logos, that is a great help. Outline which colours you wish the logo to have on the different colour garments, for instance, most shops will have a standard logo for light garments and alternate for dark; this could be as simple as changing the colour of the text. We can never have enough information at this stage, so please feel free to send us anything you have.

Step Three - We build your branded club shop

As soon as you are happy with all of the above, our shop building team will get started on your online shop, using the information detailed in steps 1–3. The shop build process involves creating digital images representing how your garments will look once they have been produced. The most important part of this process is setting up “process codes” which are applied to each unique garment, they tell the production team exactly what logos go on which garments and where.

Step Four - You review and sign off your new online shop

Once you have reviewed and accepted your shop, it will be activated and you will be given direct links to add to your website. Doing so will help drive traffic to your shop and get your members kitted out in the latest clothing quickly and easily.

Step Five - Keep track of your shop with portal 

With your shop now up and running, you will be issued with a login to the online portal. The portal sits behind your club shop and gives you useful information and statistics about how your shop is running.
The portal is packed full of features which will allow you to better manage the clothing solution including SAKS (Subscriptions and Kit System). There is more information about these features available in the resources section.


If you would like a member of our sales or customer services team to contact you, please fill in the form below.


We often get asked what happens behind the scenes. Below gives you some insight into the production process as well as explains the three different ways in which we customise your clothing! 

First we pick your clothing

All of our teamwear is stored in the warehouse as blank garments with no specific logos on them. Orders are received and processed in batches so that a picking list can be produced.
All garments are then taken from stock and placed in tub ready for sorting.
Then we prepare them for customisation

Next we prepare your kit to be customised

Once all the garments have been selected, the next process is to sort them into their separate crates. To aid production and speed up the process, each order is given its own crate. A job sheet is printed which tells the production team exactly which logos and personalisation goes on each garment.

Dye Sublimation

This is a process where logos are printed with special ink and paper, the paper is then laid over the garment and heated to 200 degrees. This causes the ink to sublimate directly into the garment. Although only suitable for whites, it does allow us to get a much higher level of accuracy in replicating the club logo, making more colours available.


Once all the items have been embroidered, the order will be moved along to the vinyl section. This is where sponsor logos or name and number personalisation, is applied to the garment. The heat press is set at a temperature of 170 degrees and presses with a force of 60/80psi for 15 seconds. Almost 50% of items that are sold have some sort of vinyl application.

Finally - we make sure everything is ok

The final stage of the production chain is where the whole order is checked to ensure everything is ok to send.
After a garment has passed the quality control station, it is folded and placed back into its original packaging. Once everything is ready to go, we place the order in a grey plastic bag and put a DPD label on it ready to be collected at the end of each day.
If you would like a member of our sales or customer services team to contact you, please fill in the form below.

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